HVAC 101

Heating and Cooling equipment are an essential part of your home infrastructure.  As such, it will either add comfort and value to your home or detract from it.
Therefore, a well designed HVAC system should be:
1.  Tailored to suit your practical needs and budget.
2.  Properly sized for your home (*see footnote)
3.  Energy efficient.
4.  Affordable to operate.
5.  Easy to service and maintain.
6.  As quiet and invisible as possible.
We strive to achieve these six goals to the extent possible within the scope of work you require.
*  A note about proper sizing of HVAC equipment:
Over many years of servicing existing HVAC appliances, one of the more common deficiencies we see is improperly sized equipment.  In talking with homeowners, we may be told for example, that on colder winter days their home is never warm enough.  Proper sizing does not depend solely on square footage of a home, but often that is the main calculation relied on by a residential installer with limited or no trades training.
Unfortunately, in British Columbia, some types of HVAC equipment can be installed by individuals with no trade certification.  When selecting a company to work for you, make sure your installer has been trained to do a thorough evaluation of heat loss and gain factors and can make the calculations needed to ensure you receive properly sized appliances.